What caravan tracking devices are acceptable?

In addition to the Swift Command Tracker and Tracker Retrieve systems that Swift have fitted to their caravans since 2013, we will accept any Thatcham Category 6, 7, S5 or S7 approved tracking device. We also accept the Custodia Systems ApelloGEO and Club Secure System, as well as the Outsmart the Thief Defender. To check if your tracking device is Thatcham approved please use this link and search by “Product manufacturer”. Please note your tracking device must be fully operational and have an active subscription to qualify for our tracking discount.

Are there any other devices on my Swift Group caravan that can get me an insurance discount?

Over the year’s Swift caravans have been supplied with numerous security and safety features as standard or as optional extras for that added peace of mind. If your caravan has an AL-KO ATC trailer control system, an AL-KO Secure portable axle lock, alarm or even a rear view camera we can offer a discount for this. Also, if your caravan has a Tracker Retrieve tracking device which is still operational and has an active subscription we can offer our tracking discount for this. See the discounts we offer on our main touring caravan insurance page. Note minimum premiums apply.

Where is the CRiS number or VIN on my Swift caravan?

From 2016, model ranges were security marked with VIN Chip stickers which contain the 17 digit VIN number. You’ll find a master window label in the nearside front window’s bottom left hand corner. There’s also a label in the gas locker and then most windows should be applied with a tamper proof window lozenge.

1992 to 2015 Swift caravans carry a 17 digit CRiS number etched onto windows as well as a VIN or chassis number on the A frame or by the door. CRiS numbers begin with ‘SG’.

What’s the Supersure new for old cover?

To be covered on a new for old basis you’ll need to insure your caravan at what it would cost to replace with the nearest equivalent new Swift model. Then if your caravan was deemed a write-off after an accident or was stolen and not recovered, our policy will replace it with a brand new Swift. The alternative cover basis is market value.

What’s the Supersure ‘market value’ cover?

Market value cover means insuring your caravan for its current value. Then, if unfortunately your caravan is stolen or damaged beyond economic repair, we’ll replace it with a Swift model of equal value or pay you a cash sum equivalent to your caravan’s current market value. The alternative cover basis is new for old.

What does the Supersure policy class as ‘personal possessions’?

Items you take from home on your caravan holidays. This includes clothing, towels or bed sheets etc. Please note your household insurance policy may cover these items when removed from your home already so its worth checking before paying for duplicate cover on our policy.

Personal possessions worth more than £300 and high risk items such as jewellery and tablets cannot be covered on this policy.

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