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Got a question about Supersure motorhome insurance? The FAQs below could help you. If not feel free to get in touch with us.

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In addition to the Swift Command Tracker and Tracker Retrieve systems that Swift have fitted to their motorhomes since 2013, we will accept any Thatcham Category 5, 6, S5 or S7 approved tracking device. Please note your tracking device must be fully operational and have an active subscription to qualify for the discount. To check if your tracking device is Thatcham approved please use this link and search by “Product manufacturer”.

Please check your schedule to make sure all other details are correct and if there are any other changes in your circumstances, or if you wish to add, remove or discuss any policy options, please call us.

Renew online – If you don’t need to make any changes and are happy to pay for your annual premium, please renew your policy online here.

If as a result of Coronavirus (COVID-19), you choose to self-isolate in your motorhome or campervan your policy will not be invalidated but we recommend you follow the current Government advice and think about your safety and the protection of others, as well as accessibility to health services.

Check if there are lockdown restrictions in the area you are visiting.

We offer a range of ways to pay for your motorhome insurance policy.

Credit / Debit Card
Paying by Credit or Debit card couldn’t be easier. Simply call us for a quote, and when you choose to take out the policy we’ll take your details over the phone and process the payment for you.

Monthly Direct Debit
Many of our clients use Premium Credit’s financing to spread their premium using monthly direct debit. Premium Credit’s financing solution is easy to manage online at

My Premium Credit gives secure 24/7 access to your account. You’ll be able to keep tabs on your direct debit payments, view correspondence, sign your credit agreement, settle missing payments by card and make changes to your personal or banking details online.

If you would like to set up a direct debit call us on 01422 397794, weekdays 8am – 8pm and weekends 9am – 4pm.

Please note a charge for credit applies, written quotations available. Credit availability is subject to status.

Renew online

If you don’t need to make any changes to your policy and are happy to pay for your annual premium, you can renew your policy online here.

Unless you’ve sold your motorhome, we don’t recommend you cancel your policy – even if you’ve had to change your plans and won’t be using it for a while. Accidental damage when caravans are being used only makes up a small proportion of claims costs. Supersure insurance protects you against other risks, such as storm damage, flood, fire, theft and vandalism – you still need cover in place in case the worst happens. Unfortunately some of these risks can be even higher when you’re not using your motorhome.

If you have sold your motorhome or campervan or still wish to cancel for any other reason, please call us on 01422 397 794.

The European Commission announced that from August 2021, UK drivers will no longer need a Green Card to show proof of insurance when taking their vehicles into an EU country (or Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Serbia, Andorra or Liechtenstein). You can find out more here: Vehicle insurance: Driving abroad.

Driving a motorhome in Europe

If you’re driving your motorhome or campervan in the EU, your Supersure motorhome insurance documents will be sufficient and will give you the same level of cover that you have in the UK.

From January 1st, 2022 we will no longer send a Green Card to motorhome insurance policyholders who have EU cover.

You’ll need a copy of your motorhome insurance (including your certificate of insurance) to prove you’re insured for driving in the EU.

Do I need a Green Card for a trailer?


Driving in Europe

In general, you will not need an International Driving Permit (IDP) when driving in most EU countries for up to 90 days, but you must carry your driving licence photo card with you. There are some exceptions where an IDP might be needed:

  • If you only have a paper licence (no photo card)
  • If your licence was issued in Gibraltar, Guernsey, Jersey or the Isle of Man

You must display a UK sticker on your motorhome and any trailer when travelling in an EU country if your number plates do not include the UK identifier.

You can keep up-to-date and request alerts from the Government’s visiting the EU website.

If the policyholder dies, arrangements will need to be made to cancel the policy or to make a temporary change to the policy for cover to remain in place.

We will ask for a copy of the death certificate and updated contact details for the spouse or Executor. If an Executor or Administrator is handling the estate of the deceased we will also need their contact details and a copy of the grant of probate or letter of administration.

The spouse or partner handling the estate of the deceased policyholder can cancel the policy or it can be reissued in their name.

If the policy is to be reissued we will need to update the risk details and provide a new quotation for the new owner. This will be subject to our usual underwriting criteria.

We cannot cancel the policy until we have a copy of the death certificate and, where necessary, other supporting documents. This would usually be discussed and arranged over the phone.

We can insure all motorhomes produced or sold by Swift Group up to the age of 30 years. This includes models made under the Bessacarr, Escape, Ace or Autocruise name.

You can pay for your Supersure motorhome insurance policy in full using a debit or credit card. You can also pay by direct debit or bank transfer.

Many Swift motorhomes have been supplied with reversing cameras or sensors. And of course the 2019 Swift Kontiki has the Swift Vision 360 system. We offer a great discount for this.

See for more details.

Absolutely, we offer a sizeable discount for this device. See the discounts we offer on our main motorhome insurance page. Please note you will need to make sure your device is registered and you have an active Swift Command tracking subscription to take advantage of this discount.

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When you store your caravan at a CaSSOA Platinum, Gold or Silver approved storage site your premium will be lower than it would be on a storage site in the same postcode area.

Platinum and Gold approved CaSSOA sites get the largest savings. Silver approved CaSSOA sites get a smaller insurance discount. To check if your storage site has CaSSOA approval visit Note discounts are subject to minimum premiums.

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