As an innovative manufacturer, Swift is at the forefront of caravan safety and security technology, for pure protection of your pride and joy.

If your Swift caravan has been manufactured within the last 10 years, chances are there will be some standard-fit security that could get you a Supersure insurance discount.

Here we look at some of the devices your Swift caravan might have.

Swift Command Tracker device

This Thatcham Category S7 approved pro-active tracker is fitted to all Swift models from 2017 to present. Monitored 24/7, it provides European coverage and direct police liaison, giving a high chance of a speedy recovery following theft. To qualify for Supersure’s tracking insurance discount you must have an active tracker subscription – visit www.swiftcommand.co.uk for more details.

AL-KO ATC trailer control system

When this electronic system senses snaking of a caravan, it will use the caravan brakes to help bring your tourer back under control. To see if your Swift caravan has AL-KO ATC, you’ll probably see the ATC logo and indicator led mounted on your caravan’s A-frame cover.

AL-KO Secure wheel receiver and/or lock

An axle wheel lock goes through your caravan’s alloy wheel and locks into its chassis, preventing rotation of the caravan axle. Your Swift caravan may already have AL-KO Secure locks. If not, many Swift caravan ranges are supplied with the receiver for locks – you’ll be able to tell by checking your nearside caravan wheel for a small yellow plug or threaded post. Then you just need to speak to your dealer about buying the lock to fit your alloy wheel.

Alarm system with tilt sensor

Swift has supplied many of its caravans with alarm systems. Several recent models are supplied with a passive infra-red system, with tilt sensors which detect break in or movement of the caravan. They are operated by a remote key fob. Again, it may be possible to get your dealer to fit an alarm if it doesn’t have one as standard.

Rear view camera

In recent years certain Conqueror, Elegance, Bessacarr and Sterling Continental models have been fitted with rear view cameras, to help owners avoid bumps and scrapes when reversing. These again attract an insurance discount.

Tracker Retrieve

All Swift caravans produced between 2013 and 2016 were supplied with a Tracker Retrieve vehicle recovery system. As long as your system remains operational with an active subscription, you can still qualify for Supersure tracking insurance discount.

Retrofit devices

Note that discounts also apply for retrofitted safety and security devices, even if not supplied by Swift. As long as they have been professionally installed, Thatcham s5, s7, category 6 or category 7 approved tracking devices, alarm systems, reversing cameras or Tyron bands will give you a discount.

Please note any security discounts are subject to minimum premiums, terms, conditions and underwriting criteria. High value caravans may be subject to increased security requirements to obtain cover.

Innovatively designed to give Swift owners added peace of mind

We’ve worked hard to bring our customers insurance policies that meet their needs and offer the highest possible level of protection for their Swift along with huge savings that reward the top-level security and safety devices we fit.

Nick Page, Commercial Director, Swift

I was really pleased with the speed of the settlement and how helpful everyone was, in particular Matthew, who handled my claim

Mr Kirby, Eastbourne, Supersure claimant

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When you store your caravan at a CaSSOA Platinum, Gold or Silver approved storage site your premium will be lower than it would be on a storage site in the same postcode area.

Platinum and Gold approved CaSSOA sites get the largest savings. Silver approved CaSSOA sites get a smaller insurance discount. To check if your storage site has CaSSOA approval visit www.cassoa.co.uk. Note discounts are subject to minimum premiums.

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