Which motorhome tracking devices does Supersure insurance approve?

In addition to the Swift Command Tracker and Tracker Retrieve systems that Swift have fitted to their motorhomes since 2013, we will accept any Thatcham Category 5 or 6 approved tracking device. Please note your tracking device must be fully operational and have an active subscription to qualify for the discount. To check if your tracking device is Thatcham approved please use this link and search by “Product manufacturer”.

Are there any other devices on my Swift Group motorhome that can get me an insurance discount?

Many Swift motorhomes have been supplied with reversing cameras or sensors. And of course the 2019 Swift Kontiki has the Swift Vision 360 system. We offer a great discount for this.

Pretty much all Swift motorhomes over the last 20 years have been supplied with an engine immobiliser. If you don’t have an active tracking device or alarm system you can still get a discount for the immobiliser.

See www.supersureinsurance.co.uk/motorhome for more details.

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