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Now the UK has left the EU, you legally need to carry a Green Card to take a vehicle into Europe.

Important: All customers renewing or taking out a new policy with Supersure from February 19, 2021 were automatically sent an annual Green Card to print at home. Please check your renewal documents before making a Green Card request. If your policy was taken before February 19, 2021 and your European trip is not within the coming weeks, please wait and make a request for a Green Card 10 to 14 days before travel, or immediately if you’re already in Europe.

Green Card information

If you’re going to be driving your motorhome in an EU country, insured under the terms of your motorhome policy, you need to carry a Green Card. This needs be printed out in black ink, on either green or white A4 paper, single or double sided. A Green Card requested via this webform is free of charge. It will be emailed to you for you to print at home on white (or green) A4 paper.

  • your trip extends beyond your policy expiry date (you will need to renew your policy before an additional Green Card can be issued).
  • you’re planning to travel to Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia. Montenegro, Romania or Serbia in your motorhome, as you may also need to increase your insurance cover.
  • you’re planning to travel to the EU without fully comprehensive cover, as you may also need to increase your insurance cover.
  • you will be towing a trailer, as we will need more information.
  • If the above do not apply, please complete your details below and click submit.

    Once you receive your Green Card, please keep it safe so you can download and print out for future travel. An admin fee might apply if you request duplicate documents.

    Are you already driving your motorhome outside of the UK?

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